April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Thursday, Apr 5, 2018











Now is the time when all of us can take a moment to acknowledge the unseen suffering that too many children endure every day. What they experience is so different from our own lives, but it is happening all round us.  In most recent statistical year there were 1,761 cases of abuse in Lake County. That's staggering!

Growing up can be stressful for every child. All of us experienced some of that, but now imagine going through it all without a safe place to go home to - without an adult you could trust and rely on. Children who have been abused or neglected grow up without a support system, without the stability they need to heal, and without the love and affirmation that they need to grow and flourish.

It's not only their own lives that suffer. Research shows that those who have been victims of abuse or neglect have a much higher likelihood of causing abuse later in life. And so the cycle continues.

CASA Lake County is breaking that cycle by ensuring that abused and neglected children have a consistent responsible adult in their lives. A CASA is someone that they can count on to ensure that these kids receive the services and support they need until a safe, stable, permanent home is found. Help us to provide 10 or more children with a caring CASA volunteer by donating to our Child Abuse Prevention Month campaign.

Together, we can be the reason they are safe.