Training Binder


Pre-Service Training Documents

Juvenile Court Process & Law


Poverty & Cultural Competence

Poverty: Articles
Poverty: Videos

Cultural Competence: Racial Diversity

Understanding Families
Understanding Children

What Is Attachment?

Resilience - Strategies for Building

Resilience, Trauma - Online Links for Understanding & Advocacy

The Impact of Trauma on Children’s Brains – First Impressions (video)

The Separation Experience, A Child’s Perspective – ReMoved (video)



Permanence = Nurturing and Commitment

Advocate Strategies for Commitment

Fictive Kin

Permanency Options: Checklists & Strategies

Would You Like to Hear a Happy Ending - Real Life Permanency Stories


Advocating for Specific Needs & Situations

Advocating in Intact, Relative, & Fictive Kin Placements

Educational Advocacy Action Plan

Health Advocacy Action Plan

Court Report Writing

Court Report Recommendations

Court Report Template - Training Version

Court Report Template - Active Advocate Version

Implementing the CASA Role