Our Volunteers


Meg Hamilton 

Meg Hamilton has been a CASA since October 2008 and continues to embody the very best traits of a strong, effective advocate.  Her fourth case recently closed, a teen who chose to be emancipated despite much uncertainty about what the future holds for her. Meg’s remaining case has held unusual legal challenges as the natural parents, after four years of being absent from their two daughters’ lives, desired to have the girls returned to their care. The girls had finally been placed in an wonderful pre-adoptive home after a number of disrupted placements and their future appeared stable and bright. The uncertainty of the outcome has required Meg’s diplomacy, sensitivity, calm, and clear perspective. She travels a great distance to stay in regular contact with the girls. Meg goes the extra mile in every sense of the word! 


Ron Roberti

Ron was sworn in as a CASA in July 2015.  In addition to managing a busy career in commercial real estate and time with his own family, Ron has made it a priority to spend time looking in on his CASA children.  This is Ron’s first case, and it involves three brothers in elementary school.  While they are in foster care, the boys have also had to deal with a number of medical and behavioral issues.  Ron makes himself available to the boys for talking and playing, but he listens carefully and acts when the need arises.  When ongoing behavior issues surfaced at school, Ron coordinated a meeting of teachers and specialists and foster parent so that the team could coordinate their approach to managing behavior at home and at school.  Since then, with the entire group working together, the boys are happier and making great forward progress.  Ron’s case has progressed so well that he expects the court to close the case this fall with a successful return back into their mother’s care.



Laura Lieberman

Laura became a CASA in November 2013. She is currently the CASA advocate on her second and third cases. Laura’s first case happily ended in grandparents adopting their granddaughter. In this first case, Laura’s teaching background helped her identify developmental issues with her young CASA child and she was the lone voice advocating for more services.  Just after her first case closed, Laura became the advocate of her former CASA’s child’s new baby sister who had also been removed from her parents by DCFS and entered the Lake County courts. 



Kathy Lawler

Kathy Lawler has been a CASA volunteer since December of 2007. Since that time she has been the advocate on five cases. With a Master’s Degree in Human Services and Counseling coupled with experience in elementary and early childhood education, Kathy brings a wealth of knowledge to her CASA work. Her calm and positive personality enables her work well with the children in her cases. Additionally, Kathy represents CASA in the community at volunteer fairs to help spread the word about the need for more Advocates.


Jeanette White

Jeanette White has been an active and committed CASA since 2009. In addition to her CASA role, Jeanette has given us the generous gift of her time to support CASA Lake County. She has been an active volunteer for our golf fundraiser, our Gala committee, and works at the CASA office once a week at the front desk.



Rosemary Reed

Rosemary Reed has been a compassionate consistent presence in the lives of her two CASA children, who have experienced traumatic loss and multiple placements since they have been in the child welfare system. She has spent countless hours on her case and has tenaciously advocated for best interests of her CASA children.


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