Our Staff


CASA Lake County's staff performs two primary and essential functions for our volunteer-based program.


1. Advocate Supervision

CASA Lake County's Advocate Managers serve as the support system for each and every one of our nearly 300 volunteer child advocates. Advocate Managers are there to enhance the passion and devotion of our volunteers with guidance, experience, and a familiarity with the court system. Each Advocate Manager provides supervision for roughly 30 volunteers, who can advocate on behalf of 45-80 children at any given time.

2. Advocate Education

CASA Lake County's Manager of Advocate Education and Manager of Advocate Engagement work to ensure that every volunteer receives the thorough, comprehensive training that they need to be an effective advocate for a child. Every new volunteer receives 33 hours of initial training before being sworn in, and each active volunteer attends 12 hours of continuing education each year to keep their training up to date with current information, methods, and standards.

Staff Directory

Maria Arias
Laura Lieberman
Advocate Manager
Ext. 218
Brenda Buranosky
Advocate Manager
Ext. 201
Debra Lerner-Schmidt
Manager of Advocate Education
Ext. 202
Elizabeth Bush
Advocate Manager
Ext. 214
Claudia Lovelette
Senior Program Advisor
Lori Darugar
Advocate Manager
Ext. 217
Shannon McBride-Bromberg
Advocate Manager
Ext. 208
Monica DiVerde
Grants Manager
Ext. 207
Megan O'Connor 
Advocate Manager
Sophy Elliott
Advocate Manager
Ext. 213
Debby Parry
Advocate Manager
Ext. 206
Laura Figueroa
Bi-Lingual Community Liaison
Ext. 216
Lori Petersen
Manager of Advocate Engagement
Ext. 205
Nicoleta Girloanta
Office and Development Administrator
Ext. 203
Linda Piepenbrink
Database Site Administrator
Terri Zenner Greenberg
Executive Director
Ext. 200
Sheri Robin
Courthouse Office Manager
Lynette Hampton
Advocate Manager
Ext. 219
Elizabeth Sammann
Program Counsel - Program Manager
Ext. 210
Claudia Kasten
Advocate Manager
Ext. 209
Brendan Siegfried
Director of Development
Ext. 212
  Margaret Vergamini
Program Manager
Ext. 215


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