Supporting a cause is a personal experience based in trust.

At CASA Lake County, we are proud of work we do to improve the lives and futures of the abused and neglected children in our communities. We know how important it is to share how we do that work in order to foster and maintain the trust of every one of our supporters. For this reason, on this page you'll find supporting documents that show how CASA goes about its work advocating for safe, stable, permanent homes for every child in Lake County. If you have any questions about these documents or if you can't find something that you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your trust in our cause is important to us because we know how important our advocacy is for the children we serve.

IRS 990 Returns

FY 2021-990.pdf

FY 2020-990.pdf

FY 2019-990.pdf

FY 2018-990.pdf

FY 2017-990.pdf

FY 2016-990.pdf

FY 2015-990.pdf

FY 2014-990.pdf

FY 2013-990.pdf

FY 2012-990.pdf

FY 2011-990.pdf

IL AG 990 Forms

FY 2021-AG990.pdf

FY 2020-AG990.pdf

FY 2019-AG990.pdf

FY 2018-AG 990.pdf

FY 2017-AG 990.pdf

FY 2016-AG 990.pdf

FY 2015-AG 990.pdf

FY 2014-AG 990.pdf

FY 2013-AG 990.pdf

FY 2012-AG 990.pdf

FY 2011-AG 990.pdf


FY 2021-Audit.pdf

FY 2020-Audit.pdf

FY 2019-Audit.pdf

FY 2018-Audit.pdf

FY 2017-Audit.pdf

FY 2016-Audit.pdf

FY 2015-Audit.pdf

FY 2014-Audit.pdf

FY 2013-Audit.pdf

FY 2012-Audit.pdf

FY 2011-Audit.pdf

Annual Reports

2020 Annual Report.pdf

2019 Annual Report.pdf

2018 Annual Report.pdf

2017 Annual Report.pdf

2016 Annual Report.pdf

2015 Annual Report.pdf






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